FinCEN은 의견 접수 기한을 15 일 연장했습니다.

FinCEN Gives Cryptosphere An Additional 2 Weeks To Comment.

The regulator issued a press release in which it announced that the deadline for filing considerations for new regulatory policy in the cryptosphere has been extended by another 15 days. There is also an additional 45 days are provided to work out the requirements for maintaining documentation and reporting on counterparties.

We remind you that FinCEN's offer became known on December 18. The regulator has expanded the reporting rules for financial companies through which the owners of anonymous cryptocurrency wallets make their transfers.

Exchanges, foundations and other organizations will now have to collect information on clients making transfers of over $3,000. For transfers from $10,000 per day, the information must be transferred to the regulator.

More than 7,000 comments have been received on this issue since December. Basically, they dealt with the short term of comments, most of which fell on holidays and weekends.