BIS CEO, 비트 코인 꾸짖다

Bank for International Settlements (BIS), led by Agustín Carstens, considers Bitcoin to be superfluous in the financial and economic sphere

The head of the bank noted in a recent interview that Bitcoin is a high-risk asset. He believes that everyone who invests in Bitcoins is putting capital in great danger. This is a Ponzi scheme that could collapse at any moment.

Carstens expressed his opinion after a sharp rise in the price of Bitcoin. He also speaks negatively about altcoins. According to him, only central banks should deal with the issue of cryptocurrencies.

Carstens has previously expressed such an unflattering opinion about digital currencies. However, in 2019 he changed his mind, saying that digital assets can be successful, but only under certain conditions.

For example, if the issuance of cryptocurrencies is established by central banks. In this case, the issuer will be responsible for the development, issue, regulation and management of the CBDC.

BIS, led by Agustin Carstens, created a dedicated team for the CBDC research. Work in this direction has intensified in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic has made its own adjustments.