Willie Wu : 이것이 비트 코인의 가격이 $ 29,000 이하로 떨어지는 이유입니다.

Willie Wu, a popular cryptanalyst, announced that the $29K target is a solid support level for the first cryptocurrency. It will not go down below, unless the price is influenced by the notorious “black swan”

This term means an event that no one expects. For example, like the current Covid pandemic. It has seriously affected the economy of the entire planet, so Wu has no plans to write off the black swan.

According to the analyst, the appearance of the black swan breaks any established framework and models, causing the market to collapse. This situation is usually independent of users.

Wu says that only such a development can cause Bitcoin to fall below $29,000. Otherwise, the model created by the cryptanalyst is bullish.

The maximum price, he said, is $200-$300,000. Wu plans to collect data over the next few months to refine his long-term goals.