Twitter는 인기있는 암호화 분석가의 여러 계정을 차단했습니다.

Today, Twitter users discovered that several accounts of popular cryptanalysts had been blocked.

The accounts of @woonomic, @mmcrypto, @themooncarl, @TheCryptoDog and several other well-known analysts in the cryptocurrency community were blocked today by Twitter.

A little later, the account of one of the analysts, Willie Wu (@woonomic), was still unblocked. But the status of the others remained unchanged.

Users tried to get comments from representatives of the social network, as a result of which they sent an official letter to one of the blocked analysts @ 100trillionUSD. It stated that the bans had become erroneous, as some users marked their accounts as fraudulent, confusing them with scammers offering cryptocurrency “multipliers”. The content monitoring system independently made a decision to issue a blocking to analyst accounts.

The analyst who received the email snapped at Twitter creator Jack Dorsey, clarifying that if he had been tagged as a “verified” social media account, this would certainly not have happened, not to mention reduced monetary damage to defrauded users and reputational - for the social network itself.

There is some truth in his words, since there have been dozens, if not hundreds of cases of fraudulent schemes being implemented by creating clones of popular members of the crypto community before.

The scammers promised users to drop tokens on their wallets, doubling the amount sent by them. Naturally, naive users did not receive any money as a result, and then they came to complain to the official accounts of those persons who pretended to be scammers, shouting that they had deceived them.

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