MicroStrategy의 CEO를 인터뷰 한 3 살 소녀

A couple of days ago, an interesting event happened. We couldn't get past. It turns out that Toddler Holder (nicknamed Son of Elon Musk) has a worthy rival. This is 3-year-old Lilly, who with her family records a video about cryptocurrencies

The girl became famous in February, when the video on Twitter is very simple and accessible by the example of candy explaining the principle of blockchain and crypto transactions. It was so funny and cute at the same time that the video caught the attention of many influential crypto enthusiasts.



The February video was viewed and tweeted by MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor and Tyler Winklevoss (founder of the Gemini Exchange). Winklevoss also commented that the 3-year-old girl understands Bitcoin much better than most central bank heads.

Actually, after that the idea was born, to record a joint interview with Sailor. And today we can see what happened! But first a couple of details.

The crumb looks great in the frame, asks the right questions. Of course, according to the baby's father, it was difficult to get her to sit still for so long. At three, children are too unpredictable. I had to bribe her with candy.

Answering the questions of the smallest crypto interviewer, Sailor replied that:

  • I decided to invest in Bitcoin because I was looking for new projects to invest in, as fiat did not meet expectations in 2020.
  • Now he plans to do everything possible to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies and use the benefits of Bitcoin for the benefit of the planet.

Summing up, I would like to note that it is so important that the younger generation properly understand the benefits of cryptocurrencies. And it's good that Lilly's parents have attracted her to educational activities.

A little fun in such a serious topic as cryptocurrencies, we can not hurt!



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