Mark Cuban은 ADA에 대해 Charles Hoskinson과 논쟁합니다.

Mark Cuban argued with Charles Hoskinson concerning whether people can use ADA tokens on a daily basis. Meanwhile, hundreds of crypto community members have already joined their Twitter thread.

Cardano's value rose 50% last week, breaking its ATH of $2.46 per coin. But that didn't seem to impress Mark Cuban much. One of the community members asked the billionaire why he had not yet considered acquiring ADA for his crypto portfolio. In reply, Cuban tried to find out if the Cardano community uses ADA tokens in daily life.

The creator of the coin, Charles Hoskinson, quickly joined the discussion, writing that with such statements “Mark breaks his heart”. Then he invited the billionaire to personally talk on a farm in Colorado. But instead of declining the invitation, Cuban stated that he sees a “red flag” when someone “promotes” an idea to him, inviting him to individually speak about his project and asked if Charles uses his cryptocurrency on a daily basis. First of all, the billionaire was interested in what aspects of life he himself could use ADA today, and not in the potential future.

Hoskinson was surprised, emphasising that it was only a friendly invitation, and told Cuban in more detail about what Cardano is. He mentioned five million Ethiopian students, thousands of assets issued in the Cardano ecosystem, many decentralized applications, and other benefits of ADA. However, his response to Cuban received a lot of criticism from Twitter commentators. Some of them just crossed out the "unnecessary", posting the "edited" version of the statistics, which Hoskinson attached to his tweet, calling the rest "unnecessary garbage", and not perimeters of the Cardano blockchain.

Cuban suggested that Charles talk when "when the platform starts serving consumers, not preparing for it." Hoskinson recorded a 20-minute video in response to the billionaire, talking about what the Cardano team had been doing for 4 years. As a result, the dialogue ended in a positive, and Cuban wished Charles to make his dreams come true.

Previously, users have already tried to invite Mark Cuban to consider ADA as a means of payment. Then he declared that if the tokens are accepted by the BitPay service, he would be glad to add these coins as payment.

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