Edward Snowden은 자신의 NFT를 판매합니다.

An NSA informant and a prominent online privacy advocate, Edward Snowden has unveiled his own NFT. He will transfer the proceeds for the token to an organisation fighting for freedom of speech.

The NFT is a digitised snapshot of Snowden's documents from the NSA for violation of US law. The object was named “Stay Free”. The original photo was taken by British photographer Platon.

Snowden will sell his NFT on the Foundation marketplace, where artists have traded their own art on more than one occasion. Among them was the popular Nyan Cat meme hero GIF that sold for 300 ETH.

The NFT was created on the Ethereum blockchain just today, and trading for the token will begin on April 16. The auction will be held under the auspices of the foundation, whose president is Snowden himself. The Foundation stands for freedom of speech in the press and against journalism that puts the interests of the authorities above the public. The exact duration of the auction has not yet been disclosed.

The winner will receive the “title” of the owner of a one-of-a-kind (and possibly the last) non-fungible token from Edward Snowden. Therefore, this lot will certainly attract a lot of attention from crypto collectors.

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