Arnold Schwarzenegger는 암호 화폐를 믿지 않습니다.

Schwarzenegger, known for his role as the Terminator in the popular film franchise, is a supporter of Warren Buffett's views

Recently, the actor spoke out against cryptocurrencies and investments in them. He said his opinion was consistent with Buffett's. Therefore, it does not have BTC, DOGE or any other cryptocurrencies.

Recall that Buffett previously called Bitcoin "rat poison in a square." Schwarzenegger did not say anything like that, but simply admitted that he is not and does not plan to be a crypto investor. According to him, he does not invest in things he does not understand.

Schwarzenegger's position is not surprising. He and Buffett are longtime friends, and he sometimes seeks advice from a billionaire. Moreover, it is safe to say that Buffett is a financial adviser to Schwarzenegger.



Arnold often says that Buffett is his mentor and a true hero. He admires the honesty and impartiality of his idol, as well as his sensible approach to business issues.

Of course, this position of Iron Arnie frustrates crypto enthusiasts. Let's hope that in the future Arnold Schwarzenegger's attitude to cryptocurrencies will get warmer.

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