Anthony Scaramucci는 투자자들에게

The steady rise in popularity of Bitcoin has made it almost impossible for retail investors to ignore it as a means of earning money. And over time, the main cryptocurrency began to attract institutions such as the largest funds and international financial structures.

SkyBridge Capital founder and Bitcoin maximalist Anthony Scaramucci said that anyone who has carefully studied the main cryptocurrency on the market will personally see its potential and ultimately invest in Bitcoin. In an interview with CNBC, he described such people as “having done their Bitcoin homework”.

In a conversation with reporters, Scaramucci urged everyone who still doubts the prospects of Bitcoin to conduct their own research, having studied the basics and how this technology works. He also called for a look at some of the famous Bitcoin enthusiasts like Ray Dalio, who were previously some of the main critics of the crypto asset. Among other notable investors, Scaramucci mentioned Paul Tudor Jones and Stanley Druckenmiller, who also bought Bitcoin.

Continuing the topic of investing, Scaramucci announced that he owns more than $1 billion in Bitcoins and has begun to invest even more actively in them over the past year.

The head of SkyBridge Capital stressed that since its inception in January 2009, Bitcoin has managed to grow by 100,000%, which is simply an incredible indicator for any modern asset. As an example of the skyrocketing price jump in Bitcoin, he suggested comparing the ownership of 99 physical cents and 1 cent of the Bitcoin equivalent invested ten years ago.

The main cryptocurrency, meanwhile, is trading at $62,100 on Binance with a market cap of $1.16 trillion.

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