PayPal 사용자는 하루에 3 억 달러에 암호 화폐를 대량 구매합니다.

ItBit's digital asset platform, which is a liquidity provider for PayPal, says it has significantly increased the purchase of Bitcoins by customers of the payment giant

The volume of purchases of Bitcoins on the platform has grown more than 300 million dollars. The surge in purchases was recorded last week, when the price of Bitcoins fell for 30,000 dollars. It is evident that buyers from PayPal have invested heavily in BTC.


About ItBit

It is a platform that is owned by Paxos, a broker-dealer for PayPal. Three weeks after the launch of the cryptocurrency sales on the PayPal the volume of trading on itBit doubled. The previous peak was in January 2021, when Bitcoin sales rose from $80 to $240.



Perhaps such statistics were the impetus that prompted Apple to start studying crypto and the possibility of their introduction into Apple Pay.

If Apple enters the cryptocurrency market, about 400 million Apple Pay users will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, as well as pay them in retail outlets. However, so far no official statements have been received by Apple. 

The current price of cryptocurrency can be found on the Huobi exchange. It is the world's largest crypto exchange with profitable trading offers and low commissions.

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