SkyBridge와 First Advisor가 Bitcoin ETF를 신청합니다.

New York-based SkyBridge Capital and First Advisors bid was the last one filed with the SEC

The two companies joined forces to be the first to obtain a Bitcoin ETF permit. Securities are scheduled to be traded on the Arca platform, which is owned by the Nyse New York Stock Exchange.

According to the document, the purpose of the product is to provide investors with a convenient and effective investment tool in Bitcoins. If the application is approved, cryptocurrencies will receive a new inflow of investments.

That is to say that two companies have been added to the waiting list. Other majors include VanEck (an application filed at the end of 2020), NYDIG and Valkyrie (January and February 2021), and WisdomTree (March 2021).

Grayscale also wants to snatch a piece of Bitcoin ETF on the wave of high-tech. The investment company has announced its intention to launch this product.

In Brazil and Canada, Bitcoin-ETF has already been launched. Success outside the United States suggests that there is a high probability of approval of this investment product by the regulator. Let's see what happens next...

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