Revolut, 영국과 EU에 11 개의 암호 화폐 추가

Now the online bank offers its users cryptocurrencies from the top 20. In the bull market, altcoins are good news

Revolut's decision has a different impact on the crypto market. Some tokens like FIL, YFI or BNT have risen by 10%, and the price of ADA has hardly changed.

The online bank started to engage in crypto in 2017. Users of the bank gained access to Bitcoins and actively used services. So, a couple of months later the bank also offered Ethereum and Litecoin in its list with almost all coins from the top 20.

Other added tokens include SNX, Uma, NMR, LRC, OXT, GRT and UNI. These are popular and sought-after assets. Now they can be used for remittances by citizens of the European Union and Great Britain.

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