JPMorgan Bank, 신제품 출시

Financial holding JPMorgan is ready to launch a new initiative, allowing its clients to invest in companies related to cryptocurrencies.

Such an application on behalf of the bank was sent to the SEC with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. A notice has appeared on the official website of the American regulator.

Now the bank's clients will be able to invest in PayPal, Nvidia, MicroStrategy, AMD, TSMC, CME Group and many others. The “fattest” piece of this pie, 20% of the entire basket, was allocated to MicroStrategy shares.

At the same time, representatives of the financial holding claim that their financial instrument is not tied to a specific digital currency on the market, even to bitcoin. JPMorgan also clarified that it does not affect how companies' performance behaves. Consequently, the effectiveness of a basket of shares of other companies does not depend on the bank in any way against the background of the growth or fall of cryptocurrency rates.

Based on the published document, the date of formation of the price of bonds is March 26, and their issue will begin approximately on March 31, 2021. Investments in a new financial instrument are proposed to be carried out through issuers' debt securities. The income will be paid out based on the performance of the firms after the bank deducts the 1.5% commission.

Such steps by the largest representatives of Wall Street once again prove their interest in cryptocurrencies. So far, all this, of course, looks like fortune telling on the coffee grounds, but one thing is certain for sure soon the main cryptocurrency is waiting for even more positive changes.

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