Grayscale은 모든 비트 코인의 3 %를 보유합니다.

The planet's largest cryptocurrency hedge fund, Grayscale, is increasing its cryptocurrency holdings by 10% every month. After the last purchase of 16,244 BTC, Grayscale Investments managed 3% of all bitcoins

Many Twitter users have commented on this news. For example, Charles Edwards, founder of Capriole Investments, said that the transaction to which bitcoins were credited to Grayscale Investments was the largest transaction that day.

Now the stock of cryptocurrency is growing by 10% every month. He is confident that in 2021, Grayscale may have even more bitcoins in storage. The volume of the cryptocurrency can grow 3 times and reach 10% of all BTC coins in circulation.

Another popular cryptologist Whale Panda wrote on his Twitter account that the number of Bitcoins purchased by Grayscale during the last purchase can be compared with the number of coins mined in 18 days (900 BTC daily).

Over the past month, according to him, 60,000 BTC were purchased. This is the equivalent of 2 months. mining. It is now clear why the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust was closed and did not accept new investments in the past three weeks. It's all the fault of high turnover and demand.