BlockFi가 실수로 700 BTC를 사용자에게 전송했습니다

BlockFi, a cryptocurrency trading company, wanted to list bonuses to its users in the equivalent of the stablecoin GUSD. However, something did not go according to plan, and instead of GUSD, the platform's clients began to receive their bonuses in Bitcoins.

The issue stemmed from an ongoing promotion that BlockFi is running from April 22nd to July 31st. As part of it, users are entitled to bonus payments in Gemini Dollar for their deposits. However, one of the clients said in a thread on Reddit that he was not transferred 10% of the bonus, but as much as 700 Bitcoins, which is equivalent to $27.45 million at the moment.

Realizing its mistake, the company immediately turned to customers who had received the money by mistake, asking them to return it. In return, they were promised monetary compensation in the amount of $500-$1000 for the inconvenience caused. If they refuse, company representatives threaten with legal action.

BlockFi claims that the cause of the error has been eliminated and that such flaws are no longer possible in the future. The company also clarified that the incident affected less than 100 clients of the platform, and the funds of the remaining users were not affected.

One Reddit user claims that at the time of the withdrawal, the limit of 100 BTC was already in effect. Apparently, the representatives of the platform realized the scale of the collapse and did their best to avoid the consequences.

Whether the company will be able to return the funds and how honest the users will turn out to be has become a real intrigue for the crypto community, which is following the development of the situation in social networks. We will try to keep you updated with the latest information on this incident.

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