, 18개월 만에 IPO 가능

In an interview with Fortune, the CFO of the cryptocurrency exchange Macrina Kgil announced that the company could go public as early as 2023. today celebrated its tenth anniversary since its launch. During this time, according to Kgil, the monetary volume of user transactions processed by the company exceeded the $1 trillion mark. Its representatives themselves called this event a clear sign of the use of digital currencies in real life and their acceptance as a means of payment. And it's hard to disagree with this!

In an interview, Kgil stated that the company has managed to process nearly a third of all transactions carried out on the Bitcoin network since 2012, with most of them processed in the past two years. She compared the ease of transferring cryptocurrencies to sending email, adding that this is direct evidence of the widespread use of the new asset class in people's daily lives. According to Kgil, keeping this pace of distribution, cryptocurrency will very soon take control of the entire digital financial system.

In March of this year, announced a successful $300 million Series C funding round, with the company's valuation exceeding $5.2 billion. Therefore, Kgil asked a fair question about the "publicity" of and its plans for the future. In response, the CFO stressed that it is possible, but not a top priority plan today. According to Kgil, the approximate date for the company's IPO is no earlier than 18 months.

Previously, Kgil already had experience in bringing firms to IPOs. Initially, she worked at PwC as an auditor in South Korea, after which she was a deal consultant in New York, and then CFO at Springleaf Holdings, which just went public at that time and now changed its name to OneMain Holdings.

According to Kgil, not only Bitcoins are stored on accounts, but also Ethereum, as well as other altcoins and, of course, cash. Speaking about the future of the crypto industry, Kgil noted that digital currencies will not go anywhere and today the question is only how quickly they will be able to grow on a global economic scale.

Earlier, the head of the Kraken exchange Jesse Powell told about the plans to enter the IPO, adding that now their team is working on several options for obtaining a license to legally operate in European countries. Therefore, Kraken has every chance of getting ahead of, becoming the second public cryptocurrency exchange after Coinbase.

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