Arte Surfside, BTC 및 ETH에 마이애미의 아파트 판매

Arte Surfside luxury real estate in Miami announced that it now accepts cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for real estate. Including, the luxurious penthouse Villa Nove, whose price exceeds $38 million.

Arte Surfside, which starts at $10 million, announced that they are now targeting crypto millionaires as well. In order to access cryptocurrency payments, the company began cooperation with the SolidBlock platform. Thanks to the partnership, clients will be able to purchase real estate not only for BTC but also for ETH. This exclusive condominium is home to Ivanka Trump with Jared Kushner and Arielle Charnas, founder of the Something Navy brand.

More recently, being friendly to cryptocurrencies, Miami has been striving with all its might to attract more and more attention from millionaires and crypto enthusiasts. It should be noted that this approach works successfully. Some of the top Silicon Valley companies and big venture capitalists have already “moved” after the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency began.

The Mayor of Miami, meanwhile, has already met with the “CEO of DOGE” Elon Musk, the founder of Twitter and the director of Google, trying to persuade them to move part of their business to this sunny city. The fintech company XBTO Group, Peter Thiel, and the representative of the investment firm Guggenheim Partners have already purchased real estate in the state, and some members of the crypto community are joking about the imminent "relocation" of the entire Silicon Valley to Miami.

According to Francis Suarez, initiatives like Arte Surfside benefit the city's image. He also noted that he would not be surprised if he sees similar steps from elite real estate sellers in the coming months.

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