Gemini는 6 개의 새로운 토큰을 나열했습니다.

Gemini added six new tokens to the listing, including DeFi and gaming projects

Crypto exchange users can now invest in projects such as Bancor, 1inch, Loopring, Sandbox, Skale, Chart and Enjin. Deposits with tokens are open. Soon it will be possible to buy and sell cryptocurrency profitably and safely.

Currency pairs with the American, Australian, Hong Kong, Singapore and Canadian dollar, British pound and euro will be available for tokens of the above-mentioned projects (BNT, 1INCH, LRC, SAND, SKL, GRT and ENJ).

Representatives of Gemini said that the cryptocurrency industry is in a dynamic development. New projects are constantly emerging that deserve attention.

Many of them came from the world of finance, games and art. For example, the token of the popular online sandbox (SAND). This token was first flipped in the state of New York. Gemini has taken a big step forward for the entire cryptosphere!

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