BitMEX는 탄소 중립이 될 것입니다

The BitMEX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange intends to move to a new green level by declaring its commitment to carbon neutrality. The company accumulates a percentage of commissions to offset its carbon footprint.

In the official BitMEX blog, representatives of the exchange emphasized that recently the environmental issue has become critical for the entire industry, and there are constant disputes within the community on this score. The company thanked the CEO of the FTX crypto exchange and Alameda Research for their calculations on the energy consumption of Bitcoin. After that, BitMEX announced its desire to reduce the carbon footprint of its activities to minimum values.

The exchange announced that from now on, "at least $0.0026 of every dollar attributable to commission" will be spent on "carbon offsets". This makes about $2,600 in donations from the $1 million BitMEX has received from customer transactions.

In parallel, the exchange is looking for organizations that can help it succeed in green endeavors. In the near future, they promise to publish a detailed report with the donated amounts.

BitMEX also noted that the carbon footprint is not the only problem in the industry. However, by joining forces, organizations can change the attitude of many people towards digital currencies and the industry as a whole.

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