Elon Musk가 BCH에서 결제 할 수 있도록하면 Youtuber는 111 Tesla를 구매합니다.

One of the crypto enthusiasts, Australian YouTuber, announced that he will buy 111 Tesla Model 3 electric cars in case Elon Musk starts accepting Bitcoin Cash as a means of payment.

In three videos, the 1stMil tried to argue his position. He believes that there are enough BCH fans around the world who can increase sales of electric cars, while most holders of the main cryptocurrency on the market are inclined not to spend it, keeping it in their accounts "until better times."

Recall that Elon Musk confirmed the introduction of payment in BTC for all models of his electric cars at the end of March this year. At the same time, against the background of this statement, BCH rose slightly in price to $520 on Binance, and on April 17, the value of the cryptoasset broke through the $1,200 mark.

It is clear that in the case of YouTube channels, all of the above may be just a publicity stunt. In addition, the amount on the account of the channel's author is alarming. According to some reports, it does not exceed $141,000 in Bitcoin Cash equivalent, which is enough for only 3 Tesla Model 3s, but not for 111 electric cars. The channel's author himself promptly responded to the “accusations” against him on Reddit, stating that he deliberately hides other wallets for security reasons.

In his videos, the Australian has already mentioned that he owns several million dollars in cryptocurrency and will make 1 billion when Bitcoin Cash reaches $50,000. According to his forecasts, this will happen before 2025. In this case, through simple calculations, it turns out that the current state of the channel owner is about 15 million in BCH equivalent.

1stMil claims that he intends to use 111 cars for his own business project, the details of which he, of course, did not specify. The only thing that the author clarified was the fact that the cars were disassembled and that their parts cost more than the amount of their purchase.

The last one who tried to switch Elon Musk's attention from BTC to BCH was Kim Dotcom. Then, as an argument, he cited the average BCH commission of $0.001, which is much lower than the average Bitcoin commission of $8.92. The mask could only agree with him, which he did.


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