Eminem은 Nifty Gateway에서 자신의 NFT를 발표했습니다.

Several days ago Eminem announced his cooperation with trade platform Nifty Gateway. It will help to launch his first non-fungible tokens. Three types of rapper tokens were put up for sale.

While everyone was watching the Oscar, one of the winners for the track “Lose Yourself” announced his own NFTs as part of the Shady Con. A possible incentive for this was not only the activity of the singer's colleagues in the field of cryptocurrencies but also a recent sketch on the SNL show. In the latest episode of the TV show, actor Pete Davidson parodied Slim Shady, explaining to viewers what non-fungible tokens are with a recitative to the backing track “Without Me”. Now, we see the rapper's tokens coming out.

Fans are offered to purchase one of 3 NFTs. All of them are made in the form of animations created in collaboration with the rapper. All of them have Eminem's unique beat attached, and a total of 50 such “edits” will be generated. Two of which, named “TOOLS OF THE TRADE” and “STILL D.G.A.F”, give 5,000 dollars for each one. As a thank you, early adopters will also get a physical handprint, autographed by Eminem. Last NFT "STAN'S REVENGE" is likely to be of interest to the most notorious collectors, since it is created in a single copy and it will be received by the one who will be able to make the highest bid during the auction on the trading platform.

The singer himself claims that he wanted to convey to the fans some of the artist's inspiration from collecting something. On the official website, he shared stories of how, from childhood, collecting “everything he could get his hands on” is it music albums, baseball cards, or toys. According to Eminem, even now he loves collecting “different things” and wanted to share his interest in collecting with fans.

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