Solana는 코인 경품으로 사용자를 참여시킵니다.

The price of Solana SOL tokens is gaining momentum as the airdrop attracts more and more new users to the network created for decentralised financial solutions.

In April, the cost of one SOL increased by 50%. One of the reasons for this was the airdrop on the Solana network, and the other is the search for alternatives from investors who do not want to pay high fees on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum's most notable competitor in six months was the Uniswap (UNI) airdrop, as well as the MEME token giveaway, which brought their holders from a modest $20,000 to an insane $600,000.

As part of the DeFi hackathon, Solana and Serum shared 2,000 COPE tokens to users, and after the distribution, coins were placed on Serum at a price of $0.5 at the end of March. But by April 11th, their value exceeded $5.43, bringing holders more than $10,800 as a reward for patience.

The project decided to consolidate the success of COPE by giving away ROPE, KOPE and HOPE tokens. Their launch fell just in time for the 50% growth of the SOL cryptocurrency. Giveaways could have played a role in raising prices, as SOL was needed to get the rest of the coins. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to conclude how true this is, due to the lack of data.

Analysts expect further airdrops from the project. Considering Solana's recent tweet that their system is just on the cusp of development, don't worry about "missed opportunities." The likelihood that you will have time to grab your share of this “distribution pie” is extremely high.

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