Greenwood DeFi 대출 프로토콜, 2 백만 달러 모금

Greenwood's decentralised lending protocol has managed to raise $2 million in an initial round of funding.

The main investor of the round was Polychain Capital. Among others, there were investors from Divergence Ventures, Blockchain Capital, and Robot Ventures.

Ricky Li took part in financing the proposal for optimising interest rates for borrowers from Greenwood from specific individuals of the cryptoindustry. He is the co-founder of Altonomy. The investment also came from Gen. Aave Stani Kulechov, whose company offers the DeFi lending protocol.

While Greenwood is in phase 1 of the development of its V2 protocol, it is just yet to be audited.

The essence of Greenwood's idea is that consumers do not carry out the calculation of interest rates themselves, but do it using cryptoassets in a decentralised application.

According to the CEO of Greenwood, with the funds received, they will hire additional staff to help in the next three stages of the development of V2. He also promised new features and a transfer of traditional financial instruments already familiar to investors.

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