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Israel Investigates Pegasus Spyware Allegations

The Department of Defense issued a brief announcement stating that representatives from a number of agencies have come to NSO to study the publications and charges brought in its case. The ministry did not specify who exactly took part in the verification of the large-scale use of Pegasus spyware, which allows you to hack phones. 

According to reports based on a huge leak, various world regimes used software to track and interrupt the activities of journalists, regime critics and human rights defenders. The giant leak includes a list of 50,000 phone numbers that are somehow connected with NSO customers. Various global media outlets, which have come forward with a united front to disclose what they call Project Pegasus, have stressed that the inclusion of a phone number on this list is not proof that the phone has been hacked. Numerous traces of Pegasus software activity have indeed been identified. 

The information and list came from Amnesty International and the French media company Forbidden Stories. The reports did not indicate what the list was or who leaked it. For example, the Washington Post has openly stated that the purpose of what is happening is unclear. 

NSO has categorically denied these reports. Management denies any connection to the leaked list. "The numbers in the list are not relevant to the group of NSO and have never been linked This is not a list of goals or prospects NSO, and the constant dependence on this list, and relationships between people on the list and potential targets of espionage is wrong and misleading." - said the company. The company also said that their software is provided exclusively to government agencies to fight crime, terrorism and work to protect human rights.

The National Statistical Office also claims that the investigation is based on false conclusions and that it appears to be part of a "well-organized company by stakeholders." 

Pegasus is spyware that can be installed on both Android and iPhone devices and can turn your smartphone into a spy tool for anything. Anyone who controls a device remotely can retrieve files from it, turn on the camera and microphone, access the device's location, view contacts and calendar, and track messaging apps and social media activity. 

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