ETH 가격 예측 : $ 2400까지 성장 가능

On the 4-hour cryptocurrency chart you can see the formed handle from the cup. This means that a subsequent bullish impulse is possible

The reason for the price increase was the high demand for ETH. On the exchanges and in DeFi blocked cryptocurrencies for $60 billion, which led to a shortage of coins on the market and a huge increase in demand.

Today ETH has installed a new ATH. Cryptocurrency broke through the level of $2,200, but then there was a small correction. Now before the cryptocurrency formed a resistance line for $2,200, with the breakthrough of which is possible further price increase - up to $2,400.

Several network indicators point to the bull market at once. First of all, the pattern of "cup with a handle" as in the photo below.

ETH/USD 4-hour chart


There is a severe shortage of ETH on the exchanges. Investors take them to their wallets to hold. 

Number of ETH on crypto exchanges


DeFi has a huge amount blocked. As of April 10, ETH contracts have blocked $52.37 billion.

Price of ETH tokens blocked in DeFi contracts


Thus, the forecast price of the cryptocurrency Ethereum is currently bullish. The cost of the token at the time of writing is $2,146.

Bears need to try very hard to push the digital asset back - below the neck of the handle formed by 2080. However, if they succeed, the next level of support for the coin is $1,930. It will be a serious blow for the bulls

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