Uniswap 일일 수수료-170 만 달러

The daily commission on the cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap is $1.7 million and takes the honorable second place among all crypto platforms, just after Ethereum.

This fact is interesting because with such indicators Uniswap bypasses the daily commission of Bitcoin more than half. For example, during this day the Uniswap platform received more than $4.8 million in commissions. Bitcoin reached $3.1 million in the same time period.

But the undisputed winner of the rating, whose total commission amounted to 16.5 million dollars, was Ethereum, which surpassed the commissions of 30 blockchains combined.

Unlikely that this situation with uniswap's high performance will last too long, as before that Bitcoin still outpaced the crypto exchange in terms of commissions all week, dominating on average $4.15 million of commissions in bitcoin against $3.5 million at Uniswap.

Such high commissions of the latter are due primarily to the exorbitant cost of Ethereum gas. Uniswap's tokens exchange costs an average of $33.68, and the median commission for on-site transactions is about $13.6.

The total amount of funds earned in form of the Ethereum gas commission by Uniswap is $2 million. By comparison, tether's nearest competitor has a figure of $1.65 million.

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