Mina는 6 월 25 일 프로젝트의 미래에 대해 이야기합니다.

After a loud statement about itself in the crypto community, the team of the lightest blockchain Mina Protocol announced the upcoming Mina Community Spotlight event, which will be held on June 25!

The startup gave generous X's to its early investors with CoinList, after which, in early June, it launched sales on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Kraken and OKEx with the maximum scope.

The CoinList platform, meanwhile, had unforeseen difficulties in starting the sale of MINA tokens, which were soon successfully eliminated. However, even a small downtime on the first day of sales was enough for some community members to suspect the exchange was trying to force the “hamsters” to dump their tokens, thereby increasing their value.

Now that trading is going according to plan, the exchange rate is growing steadily, and the community members have made a lot of profit, the Mina team intends to continue the dialogue with their fans. Already on June 25th, they will host a free virtual event in which you will learn even more about cryptocurrency and Mina Protocol's promising plans.

Main topics of the event:

  • Mina Blockchain Future Updates
  • Further functioning of the ecosystem and its new elements
  • Community tools in the Mina system
  • Grant programs

During the online event, various prizes will also be drawn among the participants and a Q&A will be held with the CEO of Mina Protocol Evan Shapiro. He will not only answer questions but will also tell you more about the vision of the team, sharing insights into future updates to the lightest blockchain!

According to available information, ahead of the event, two more major exchanges Binance and Huobi intend to list MINA. Although the exact dates of the coin's placement are still unknown, this event could force the MINA rate to reach new all-time highs.

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