What PLCU cryptocurrency offers: PLC Ultima Wallet, Ultima Farm, and other products

Our world has changed a lot in the last few years. Digitalization has become a new reality. The pandemic forced businesses to go online and think about innovations. One such innovation in cryptocurrencies is experiencing a real "boom"! They are multiplying in the market, and it is very easy to get overwhelmed. However, some cryptocurrencies stand out from the rest, for example, PLC Ultima, with a 400% growth rate in just one month.

What is PLC Ultima: its history and an introduction to its founder Alex Reinhardt

PLC Ultima is not just a cryptocurrency. It is a cryptocurrency ecosystem designed for everyday life and business. Based in Switzerland and under development since 2016, it has developed dozens of products before its launch in December 2021: a crowdfunding platform, an international marketplace, mobile apps, a payment system, debit cards, and more.

One of PLCU's goals is to provide flexible financial tools to make. That's why Ultima coin is based on minting technology - new coins are minted, not mined, and any Ultima user can do it.

The founder of the cryptocurrency is Alex Reinhardt, a venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur from Germany with over twenty successful EdTech and Fintech projects. Also, Alex Reinhardt is a business coach and professional speaker at global conferences such as Blockchain Life.

What technology PLC Ultima uses

The PLCU coin blockchain is based on Litecoin technology, enhanced by Alex Reinhardt's development team, and the Segregated Witness protocol. Combining these technologies ensures that the network has maximum stability, transparency, and high transaction speeds. It is also worth mentioning that the pre-mine PLCU was 500,000 PLCUs, but 450,000 PLCUs got burnt. So, the current stock is 50,000 PLCU.

The company destroys 100% of its coins to avoid competing with users for liquidity, 50% of coins are frozen each year for holding purposes, and 30% of coins do not participate in farming and are stored in user wallets. PLC Ultima burns 1% of its coins on every transaction. Each month, the rate and volume of production of new coins get reduced to maintain market demand and stimulate the price of the cryptocurrency. All network members have equal rights and leverage - any transaction requires the consent of at least 51% of all nodes. The CryptoNight encryption algorithm guarantees the protection of data and wallets.

Coin vs. token: what is a PLCU?

A token is not digital money but a digital token designed for a specific task. For example, tokens often get used to confirm ownership or guarantee receipt of service, while coins are multifunctional digital money used in the same way as conventional currency, only online.

Thus, a PLCU coin is not a token. It is a coin. Don't confuse the two things.

Mining with PLCU: what do you need to start?

Mining is damaging to the environment: the University of Cambridge estimates that mining consumes more electricity annually than the whole of Argentina (that's 121 terawatt-hours). Mining has been banned in China and criticized by the famous businessman and inventor Elon Musk. Alex Reinhardt also opposes mining because of the environmental damage it can cause.

PLC Ultima uses mining to minimize environmental damage and provide people with a convenient and budget-friendly tool for making money. Unlike mining, "coin minting" does not require expensive equipment, special installation knowledge, or the colossal cost of electricity. All you need is your smartphone.

After that, the user needs to purchase a special electronic certificate. There is more information about that below. Next, you enter into a smart contract with the system. All the terms of the holding are spelled out. Therefore, it guarantees the security of both you and the system. The holding starts like this: the user buys PLCU-coins and freezes any number in his wallet from one year to three. At the end of that period, the coins are unfrozen and the rewards fixed in the smart contract are added to them. So, you can keep money in your wallet and earn money on it, providing yourself with a passive income without any risks or additional resources. Such a proposition aligns with Alex Reinhardt's mission for the coin: to become an international cryptocurrency as a blockchain-based coin.

All generated coins are no different from purchased coins - they too can also be paid for, transferred to other users, or run in a re-minting cycle to generate rewards once more and double the funds stored in the wallet.

So, you need three things to start minting in PLC Ultima and start earning.

Ultima Wallet

PLC Ultima Wallet is a mobile wallet that you can install for free. This wallet is the primary tool to work with the PLCU system. It has a non-standard 6-digit private key encryption, and all data is securely encrypted and stored exclusively on the user's device. You cannot access the wallet from another device, nor can it be recovered if the device is lost or stolen. The private key is also stored exclusively on the smartphone and does not appear on the network. You can only use it to sign outgoing transactions.

PLCU Farm and Ultima Minter

PLC Ultima Farm is the second app that the user will need. That is where the launching of new coins begins. The more coins held on the farm, the greater the reward that the user will receive at the end of the selected period. Alex Reinhardt considers this way of mining currency (and passive income for the user) to be more environmentally friendly, so he promotes mining.

Ultima Minter is a digital certificate that can be considered permission for Ultima Farm to access coin mining. Because the number of coins and PLCU users is limited to preserve liquidity, the certificate serves as a "barrier" to joining the system. The number of coins available to freeze on the farm (and thus the amount of possible reward) depends on the category. You can also increase your farm's capacity by purchasing additional certificates.

How to Start Mining with the PLC Ultima

To begin mining, you will need:

  1. Download the Ultima Wallet and Ultima Farm.
  2. Login to Ultima Farm.
  3. Send the purchased coins to Ultima Wallet.
  4. Purchase Ultima Minter of any category.
  5. Conclude a smart contract in the Ultima Minter.

Coins will come to your wallet balance every month in equal amounts.

Three exchanges where you can profitably buy PLCU

PLC Ultima is showing incredible growth - in just one month since its launch in December 2021, PLCU's price has risen from $0.10 to $48,000. As of April 13, 2022, the price of PLCU stands at 92,000 USDT. The coin trades in PLCU/USDT and PLCU/BTC pairs and is in the listings of major cryptocurrency exchanges, such as

  • Coinsbit is a global trading platform for both professional traders and beginners.
  • HitBTC is one of the largest platforms. It supports more than 150 currency pairs and works with fiat currencies.
  • Bibox is a young but robust Chinese cryptocurrency trading platform launched in 2017.

You can see the PLC Ultima price on the websites of any of these exchanges or some others.

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