Nvidia는 채굴 제한으로 RTX 3000 라인업을 업데이트합니다.


The video card maker, seeing the price of ETH increase, decided to update all versions of the RTX 3000 card, adding restrictions on mining

New versions of the popular RTX 3060, 3060 Ti, 3070 and 3080 graphics cards will go on sale. When buying a card in a store, the consumer will not know whether it will receive an old and mining-usable version, or equipment with a hashrate restriction.

The updated series will have an identical appearance with previous and the same game indicators. However, they will have a greatly understated mining efficiency.

Thus, buying equipment in 2021, you play Russian roulette. Perhaps what you buy will be from the category "Lite Hash Rate." This is depressing news for miners.

In theory, this could mean that on the secondary market will appear on the sale of cards with restrictions that miners do not need. And if gamers only benefit from this, miners will suffer significant losses.

Recall that the ban on mining, for example in RTX 3060, is programmed in BIOS. It will take time and additional costs to remove it. It is also not clear whether the new models will be used by a randomly networked driver to unlock. Lets see...

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