ETH 채굴 자들은 5 월 19 일 기록 수수료를받습니다

The cost of ETH today is $2,474. The market collapse, which occurred on May 19th, revived trade. Cryptocurrencies traded with great volatility. The price of ETH fell to $1.8 thousand

We have already written that one of the investors in Ethereum managed to earn $135,000 on Binance by investing only five. It turned out that well earned on commissions and miners Ethereum.

Due to the high demand on some transactions miners earned record commissions, amounting to $1.3 thousand. At the time of writing, this is the equivalent of $109 million.

The situation will change in June. The London update will reduce the income of miners, as the funds given to them will be redistributed.

Part of the coins which are now spent on the reward for mining will be allocated for burning. This will strengthen the position of the cryptocurrency, but will be a real verdict for ETH miners.

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