Bitmain의 리더십 변경은 공식적으로 끝났습니다.

Bitmain, the largest mining company in Beijing, has a new CEO. Information has already been going on about this before, but today the change of leadership took place officially

The CEO of the company is now Mikri Chang. He succeeded Jihan Wu, who was the founder and head of Bitmain for 2,815 days (as stated in the official resignation document).

The change of leadership took place within the framework of the December agreements. Misunderstanding in the higher echelons of Bitmain power we have seen all year.

Earlier, Mikri Chang was forced to resign from his post. It happened with a big scandal. He even stormed the exchange's headquarters with bodyguards.

In the final case, Chang and Wu swapped places. Chang remained CEO, but spent thoroughly to buy back shares of the mining pool owned by Wu.

The securities were worth more than $600,000,000. He asked for $400,000,000 in debt from Bitmain, and the rest came from other sources.

Jihan Wu's future plans are not reported. He is known to remain the head of two separate companies (Bitmain) from the parent company Bitdeer and Antpool.

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