BitCluster는 북극에서 채굴을 시작합니다

Russian mining firm BitCluster has built a farm on the Taimyr Peninsula. More than 360 Bitcoin ASIC mining machines will operate here in the coldest place on earth.

The company will use over 11.2 megawatts of energy to mine cryptocurrency, and in 2021, BitCluster's energy capacity will rise to 31 megawatts.

The mining company will operate on the "mining hotel" principle. BitCluster customers will be able to host their ASIC hardware and pay only electricity bills. This will significantly save on the cost of mining.

The new farm is located in one of the coldest places on the planet. The temperature here is below -40 degrees Celsius. Since mining generates a lot of heat, the Arctic conditions for bitcoin mining are quite suitable.

According to BitCluster specialists, the enterprise has only one air circulation system installed. Thanks to the cold climate, it was enough to keep all the equipment in excellent condition.

The work received Government support. Alexander Pestryakov, a spokesman for the city of Norilsk, said that this is the beginning of a "new digital transformation" of the city. The creation of a mining farm will attract investment and can become a financial engine for the region.

According to BitCluster, the company already has its first customer from China. The mining equipment will be transported from Sichuan province to Taimyr.

The rainy season in China ended on October 24, which means that the most favorable period for mining in the region has passed. After that, the mining equipment is transported to other regions like Mongolia. A mining hotel in the Arctic is perfect for this.