Silicon Galax RTX 3080 및 3070 ETH 채굴 발표


The Silicon Galax GRAPHICS series RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 are based on the Nvidia Geforce RTX 30 LHR chip. They are labeled LHR, which indicates a reduced hashed (-50%)

As we can see, Galax also dislikes miners. The RTX 3080 FG and LHR series have a capacity of 43 MH/s. That's half the regular RTX 3080. The silicon RTX 3070 HLR hashing speed is even lower at just 25 MH/s.



There is no information about when there will be new products for mining. It is also unknown whether they will be in demand or not. For most miners, these cards are useless. They are modified GPU, and they will not be hacked.

Of course, you can always use alternatives to other manufacturers or maps specifically produced for ethereum mining.

Hive OS is an ultimate solution for monitoring and administering your ASIC and GPU mining farms.

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