AMD는 채굴 용 특수 그래픽 카드를 준비하고 있습니다.

While gamers are actively discussing the collapse that happened with the price of the RTX 3000 series of video cards, and miners are buying up store stocks straight from warehouses, AMD is also keeping up with trends. There was a rumor in the media that the American tech giant was working on a special graphics card for miners.

The first clue about the GPU, “tied” to cryptocurrencies, appeared in the fall of 2020. Then a new part of Navi 10 was added to the Linux kernel patches, indicating that the future GPU will not support the ability to display images. But who would buy a graphics card that doesn't display an image?

Such a video card without displaying an image on the display should almost certainly be used to speed up computations and work in clusters. For example, for the purpose of mining cryptocurrencies. The March 3 patch found instructions identical to those posted in October 2020. Only now they weren't about the Navi 10 GPU, but the newer Navi 12.

More interestingly, there are no specific mining tests for this GPU even today. That is, efficiency in mining cryptocurrencies can turn out to be both a pleasant surprise and a bitter disappointment for potential buyers.

AMD has been working on the RX 5500XTB, RX 5700XTB and RX 5700B cards since at least November, but it’s not yet clear if we will see them on sale in the next six months. As well as whether AMD wants its brand to be firmly associated in the minds of consumers with "malicious" miners, which have become a real thorn in gamers.

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