AUDIO 토큰은 Audius가 TikTok과 거래한 후 단 하루 만에 92% 성장

Over the past 24 hours, the value of the AUDIO token of the Audius project has grown by 92%, reaching $3.94, which is slightly less than the cryptocurrency's record high of $4.99 set in May 2021.

Audius is a decentralized music streaming service that has made a deal with TikTok, one of the most popular social networks. This was the reason for such explosive growth in the AUDIO token rate. Now artists using the Audius functionality have the opportunity to distribute their creativity to 732 million active users. After all, this is the monthly number of users mentioned in the October 2020 TikTok report.

Thanks to the integration with TikTok, Audius was also one of the first partners to gain access to the Sound Kit SDK, which allows songwriters to add original music, tunes, or even sounds from third-party apps directly to TikTok without the need for additional software or tweaks.

As it turns out, the process of uploading songs to TikTok was previously quite problematic. Trying to avoid additional obstacles, some musicians even had to bring their smartphone to the laptop speaker in an attempt to record sounds for TikTok. Now all this will take one click.

Among those who have already joined Audius: 3LAU, Skrillex, The Stafford Brothers, and others. For many of them, this was the first experience of working with a service directly related to the cryptocurrency industry. Others, like Deadmau5, have previously released their NFTs worth more than $100,000 in partnership with various industry representatives and have continued to introduce their hits into the crypto space.

According to Audius co-founder Ronail Rumburg, the partnership with TikTok will be mutually beneficial for both sites, allowing not only to simplify workflows for artists and give fans their favorite hits but also to increase the user base of both platforms.

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