Ubisoft, 검증 인으로 Tezos 합류

Gaming industry giant Ubisoft company is going to join Tezos project in a role of validator that signs and adds blocks of financial operations to the network. Development team of Nomadic Labs announced this on their Twitter account today.

Becoming a validator means that the company will be able to test the concept of LPoS algorithm and find out exactly how it can be used in their future games. The Tezos blockchain itself today operates on the PoS consensus.

One of Ubisoft's directors thanked for the warm welcome and noted that cooperation will help to continue exploring innovation within the most “green” consensus. Like the largest companies, Ubisoft is also reluctant to get involved with Proof-of-Work due to the amount of excess energy that is “devoured” by systems working with this consensus.

Ubisoft has previously participated in one of the blockchains. In December 2020, the company mentioned a partnership with Ronin as a validator to help launch the sidechain of a new Ethereum-inspired Pokémon-inspired game, Axie Infinity.

Today Ubisoft is showing a much greater interest in the cryptoindustry compared to other well-known video game publishers. In addition to supporting some blockchain startups with a special Entrepreneur Lab program, Ubisoft has created an NFT featuring characters from its own Rabbids franchise. In addition, now its specialists are working on a decentralised analogue of Minecraft, a game called HashCraft.

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