NFT 게임을 통해 필리핀 게이머는 3 개의 생활 임금을받을 수 있습니다.

Yield Guild Games, which actively invests in crypto games, helps Filipino gamers triple their earnings

The fund has 2.5 thousand gamers, mostly from developing countries like the Philippines, Indonesia. Basically, the fund invests in NFT games. One of them is Axie Infinity, which sells for huge sums.

For example, the fund recently bought 88 plots of land in Axie Infinity, as well as a set of properties. In total, $100,000 was spent on this virtual property. Investors plan to attract gamers, develop plots, earn money just by playing the game.



Where's the income from. How much can you earn?

In Axie Infinity, gamers receive the in-game currency Small Love Potion (SLP). One coin equates to 4 cents. During the development of its accounts in this project, the fund earned about $160,000, which was divided between active players. There are about 280 of them in the fund, and the total number is 2500.

Thus, players who play crypto games can earn good money. For example, gamers in the Philippines, according to the statistics provided, on average earn a triple minimum wage.

During the pandemic, many were out of work. The unemployment rate in the Philippines reached 40% in 2020. Those who discovered the crypto gaming industry were just lucky.



Yield Guild Games strategy 

Cryptocurrency eSports is good because it allows you to make money just by playing the game. The more you play, the more rewards and NFT objects you can collect.

For example, in the already mentioned Axie Infinity you can breed game creatures, and then sell from a hundred dollars and above. Winnings of its players the fund collects and then reinvests by buying new NFT in the game. The balance is divided equally between the players.

Such a strategy benefits all participants in the process:

  • Gamers are able to use the tools provided (NFT objects) that they do not have the means to buy.
  • Yield Guild Gamer promotes cryptocurrencies, making NFT games available to a wide range of gamers.



About Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity, which is dedicated to the Yield Guild Games, is one of the most popular today. It has already received support from Ubisoft and Binance.

Growing attention from gamers and investors has allowed to sell NFT gaming for a lot of money. For example, in February 2021, one of the sites in the game was sold for 888.25 ETH, equivalent to $1.5 million.

By the way, you can earn not only on crypto games with NFT, but also in cryptocurrency casinos. The mechanism of playing on the blockchain makes the game 100% honest. Winnings are paid instantly, not in the same way as in classic online projects.

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