Call of Duty의 치트 제작자는 플레이어를 희생하여 채굴했습니다.

Developers of online shooter Call of Duty have identified the miner in one of the cheats, which unscrupulous gamers used in the game. The software allowed fraudsters to control the power of the computers on which it was installed.

The cheat was called Cod Dropper v0.1. But the main problem of the players was not it. This allowed hackers to download third-party programs in addition to cheating on players' computers. After that, they used the victims' GPUs to mine cryptocurrencies.

In February, Activision blocked access to Call of Duty: Warzone to 60,000 cheats, with the monthly number of bans in the region of 20,000 in the fall. With each update, the number of such cases increases, and now the usual scammers have joined and fans of mine at the expense of their victims.

Like all tempting offers, the program was distributed free of charge on cheating forums. The authors promised complete invisibility for Activision's anti-cheat system and a bunch more advantages in battle with other players. As a result, of course, they got the benefits. But the fee turned out to be much more than for any paid cheat for Call of Duty.

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