Bit.Country 자금은 Animoca Brands가 주도합니다.

Global developer of gaming blockchain projects, Animoca Brands, invests in Bit.Country

During the investment round Bit.Country collected 4 million. Developers of the unique multiverse and also supported Kernel Capital, Shima and Hypersphere Ventures.

This is not surprising, because the blockchain game being developed by Bit.Country with territories, currency and an unusual gaming economy has attracted the attention of both players and potential investors.

Investments in such projects pay off well. In 2020, the NFT market grew by 800%. The total capitalization of the projects is over $490 million.

In the game you can create their own territories, develop and monetize them without intermediaries. You can self-craft NFT items at will.

There are also many opportunities to build communities and interact with fans, as well as a variety of ways to monetize your business.

Investing in Bit.Country will help develop the project. Thanks to this, the metaverse Bit.Country could become the first successful Web 3.0 blockchain project.

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