Tether는 Polkadot 및 Kusama에서 스 테이블 코인을 출시 할 계획입니다

Tether, which is represented on several blockchains (ETH, TRX, ALGO, SOL, EOS and Omni), is the fifth cryptocurrency in top

The project management plans to launch USDT on other blockchains. Two of them Polkadot and Kusama have already been selected. First, the cryptocurrency will be added to the KSM network, as it is not problematic.

Adding to Polkadot will have to wait until the network runs parachains. Then, if you act quickly, USDT can become the first stablecoin on this blockchain.

Expanding the number of blockchains on which Tether will be represented is very important for the entire crypto system. The USDT Stablecoin is in high demand. Its capitalisation exceeded $43 billion.

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