Parity Technologies는 버클리 학생들을위한 블록 체인 교육을 지원할 것입니다.

Parity Technologies intends to support the education of UC Berkeley students in blockchain technology.

The company has partnered with the Blockchain Xcelerator program, and the university has already invited Polkadot co-founder Gavin Woods as a lecturer.

Berkeley, known primarily for its progressive ideas, can now become one of the pillars of training qualified personnel for the cryptocurrency industry.

Parity believes that through close cooperation with the university, they will be able not only to raise the general level of awareness of innovative technologies, but also to help form a positive attitude towards blockchain among students.

By generating project ideas and creating resources to improve the educational experience, the company will be able to advise students and help launch blockchain startups in the Web 3.0 and Polkadot ecosystem.

Xcelerator's director, Jocelyn Weber, cited not only Polkadot as an important part of the tutorial, but their Substrate framework. With their help, Berkeley will be able to help students move beyond outdated technologies by mastering the next generation of blockchains. In addition, it is this quality that he considers critical for future engineers and programmers.

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