Opera 브라우저, 메타마스크 및 기타 지갑 통합

The Web3-focused Opera Crypto Browser today announced its biggest update: the integration of MetaMask and other leading cryptocurrency wallets.

To make life easier for cryptocurrency users, Opera has also developed an industry-specific multi-wallet management tool called Wallet Selector. This feature allows users to select the wallet they want to interact with with a particular app or website.

Opera cryptocurrency wallet browser selector.

In addition to Opera's own cryptocurrency browser wallet, the wallet also includes Metamask and other options that will be available as an Opera or Chrome extension for use with the Opera browser.

The browser wallet extension is a handy tool for learning about Web3. It allows users to interact with various applications and decentralized services (dApps) with just a few clicks without having to learn programming.

However, not all wallet extensions are the same. Many only support certain networks, while some offer other features, such as switching between apps.

Opera's CTO, Tomas Stawarz said:

“In order to take advantage of multiple networks, users often require multiple wallets to browse, which creates unnecessary barriers to adoption and degrades the user experience. Opera is changing that with today's update and the innovative Wallet Selection feature in the browser's address bar."

"We created the Wallet Selector based on the feedback we received from our users. This saves them a lot of hassle as they no longer have to constantly enter scenes or switch between competing portfolio extensions."

Opera's Wallet Selector Web3 aims to solve this problem by bundling compatible wallet extensions, automating the linking process. The wallet selector remembers user preferences for different websites, making it easy to link to dApps.

According to the company, the update brings the Web2 experience closer to Web3 ahead of the Ethereum merger, which merges the beacon chain with the mainnet. Currently, Crypto Browser allows users to access multiple blockchain networks at once, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, BNB, Polygon and others, and tens of thousands of dApps and protocols have been created on its basis.

In addition, the browser includes a built-in cryptocurrency wallet and many privacy-enhancing features, including a secure clipboard, a built-in VPN, and an ad blocker in the browser.

The development of the Crypto Browser demonstrates Opera's intention to provide Internet users with a single, simplified window for interacting with the blockchains and protocols that make up the Web3 space.

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