Jack Dorsey는 첫 번째 트윗에 250 만 달러를 지불 할 준비가되었습니다.

This weekend has been an exciting one for the cryptocurrency community. Not so much at the expense of actively hyping NFTs, as the news that Jack Dorsey put up his first tweet for sale.

Dorsey made the decision to sell it using the Valuables online auction, which allows the buyer to receive a digital certificate on a tweet. However, the publication remains available to all users of the social network. Although the latter depends on the desire of the seller and the agreement with the buyer. For example, one of the tweets sold in December for $639 was eventually deleted from Twitter.

You will probably ask yourself: "What is the point of such an acquisition then?" Basically, the essence of such events is status ownership of digital content. Or the financial benefit from further potential sale for the same NFTs in the future at an even higher price.

Sometimes banal nostalgia or attachment to the object of sale becomes the meaning of the purchase. Just imagine that you have a lot of money and you are just a fan of comics. After seeing a digital copy at auction of the first edition of your favorite superhero for a couple of thousand dollars, autographed by the author, you don't want to buy it?

The buyer of the tweet will receive a digital certificate signed using cryptography. It will also contain the metadata of the original tweet: the date of its publication, text content, timestamp and digital signature of the creator's cryptocurrency wallet address.

A serious struggle broke out among those wishing to purchase a unique lot. If yesterday it was about $90,000, then today the founder of the TRON blockchain platform and the owner of BitTorrent, Justin Sun, offered $2 million for it!

By the way, another crypto enthusiast, the director of Bridge and Cryptoland, Sina Estavi, has already interrupted his bet by offering $2.5 million. He also announced that he is ready to fight up to $10 million!

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