IOTA는 5 월에 몇 가지 중요한 업데이트를 릴리스합니다.

In May, according to the developers of the project, the IOTA blockchain will undergo many changes. This is stated in a recently published report

Thanks to the May update, the system will be significantly expanded. New services will be introduced and optimised. Some, like Identity and Firefly, have already been implemented and will be refined. And IOTA Stronghold is still waiting for integration.

The team is working hard to improve the service. The main goal is to provide users with more convenience and security. This is very important given the scale of the changes.

Preparations are under way for the introduction of Coordicide. The Nectar test network received two new versions in May. The team is actively working on a new update that will take place before the official launch.

IOTA in 2021

This year the development team has done a great job. One of the highlights was the launch of support for smart contracts on the blockchain.

The first version was released back in March. Over the past two months, the team has refined the integration refactoring process, reflecting changes to Pollen. Support was also added:

  • ISCP on the first level.
  • EVM to work with smart contracts.
  • Asynchronous mechanisms for building consensus in Wasp-node software.

It is worth noting that users are sympathetic to the update of the project. In May, about a third of the tokens had already migrated to the new network. In the near future, it is planned to activate Ledger support in Firefly, which will attract new users.

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