CAAM, 차량 데이터 수집을위한 블록 체인 플랫폼 출시

The Chinese automobile industry will launch a blockchain program to transfer data about connected cars. This was announced this week by the CAAM.

Members of the China Association held a regular meeting, during which the problem of data security on connected vehicles was raised. The discussion was attended not only by leading Chinese car manufacturers (FAW, Dongfeng, Chery, Horizon, GAC, Xiapeng, and others), but also representatives of global brands (Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Tesla, Bosch, and Geely). In addition, there were government representatives from the Ministry of Industry and IT, Security, as well as the National New Energy Transport Monitoring and Management Platform.

CAAM showed a new blockchain solution, whose main task will be to improve data storage. However, the blockchain will store a hash of data that will prove its immutability. For most of the meeting, the automakers discussed the issue of user confidence in the vehicle data storage system and their confidentiality. The volume of data has become another important problem that carmakers have yet to solve.

The carmakers have questioned whether the Chinese government will demand data on cars produced by their Western colleagues. Because if they open up access to data for any need, except for the investigation of an accident, it will certainly affect the reputation of companies in the West.

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