Peter Schiff의 아들이 투자 포트폴리오의 100 %를 비트 코인으로 전환

The son of the famous bitcoin skeptic Peter Schiff, Spencer, decided not to follow his father's example and transferred all his portfolio assets to bitcoin.

The crypto skeptic himself stated this, specifying that his son decided to go all-in and transfer assets to the main cryptocurrency on the market when its price fell below $50,000.

This was followed by a tirade that Schiff's son, like most of the younger generation willing to invest in something, was brainwashed and their choice was suffering. Then Peter clarified that his son was going to hold Bitcoin indefinitely, or the moment when he finally goes broke.

However, instead of swearing in the comments, the cryptocurrency community just cheered Spencer Schiff. Many people said that in the future he will definitely become richer than his father.

Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, in turn, jokingly wrote that at least someone from the Schiff family is multiplying their fortune. Schiff replied that he urgently needed to deprive his son of the inheritance, otherwise he would spend his hard-earned fortune on bitcoins.

Earlier, in 2020, Schiff Sr. already wrote that he was not against bitcoins if they were presented to his son for his birthday. Apparently, his father's opinion played a significant role in which asset Spencer Schiff preferred as a result.

After breaking the $50,000 bar and the arrival of even more institutional investors from Wall Street in the emerging cryptocurrency industry, many skeptics are losing their footing. This is not a reason to gloat. Rather, you should be glad that, despite the sincere dislike for cryptocurrencies, some people are still able to change their minds.

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