Meitu는 176.67 BTC를 추가로 구입했습니다.

Meitu has replenished the reserves of Bitcoins. Purchase costs totaled $10 million

176.67 Bitcoins were purchased for this amount. Cryptocurrency was bought on the Hong Kong exchange OSL.

The decision to replenish the reserve was not unexpected. Earlier, the management of the technology company said that it wanted to invest $100 million in cryptocurrency.

Currently, Meitu, the maker of smartphone apps, has 940 BTC for a total of $54.3 million. The company also owns 31,000 ETH. That's about $64.1 million in cash.

It is worth noting that the previous major purchase of cryptocurrency took place in March. The coins were bought with Coinbase Institutional. The purchase amounted to $90 million.

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