Forbes : 이것이 BTC가 떨어지는 이유입니다

Director of research for digital assets at Forbes explains why the price of Bitcoins is falling, and Ethereum continues to grow

According to Steven Ehrlich, Bitcoin rose by a record amount of 83% in 2021. Then the price began to decline and fell to 3% in February and 7% in March.

First, now institutional investors partially sell the previously acquired cryptocurrency. Secondly, the positions of central banks have improved. The pandemic is increasingly under control, and the authorities are strengthening the position of national currencies.

Therefore, Bitcoin is less and less seen as a means of storing valuables and hedging. This has a negative impact on its value in the short term. However, in the long run, Bitcoin is still in a bullish trend.

Ethereum, despite its problems with commissions and network overload, has performed better than Bitcoin. It grew more than BTC in 2020 and continues to prevail in terms of growth this year.

Despite the bearish trend, during which ETH fell below the ATH achieved, for the current year Ethereum has risen in price by 132%. Largely because of the interest in the asset and the creation of many popular DeFi and NFT based on this platform.

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