YouTube 블로거 Marques Brownlee는 Tron을 광고하지 않습니다

Famous YouTube blogger Marques Brownlee received an e-sale in which he is asked to advertise Tron. Justin Sun says he's not involved

Brownlee is interesting to potential advertisers, thanks to its number of subscribers. He has 13.6 million of them. The posts he publishes get millions of views. And if Marques had published a post about the Tron, he wouldn't have been left unattended.

The emomele received by YouTube says that well-known personalities - Lindsay Lohan, Ne-Yo, Lil Yachty and Amanda Cerny - have already agreed to the offer to post sponsored content.

The following letter made recommendations. Bloggers were asked to make messages so that it didn't look like sponsored content. You just need to mention Tron in your posts and videos.

Marques Brownlee refused, as it is an attempt to influence the price of TRX. Justin Sun says the Tron Foundation did not participate in the event. Yes, in the past he gave TRX and WIN to some celebrities to try out the possibilities of cryptocurrencies. But it was not done for advertising purposes.

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