Robinhood는 DOGE의 성장을 견딜 수 없습니다.

This week, the cryptocurrency Dogecoin has again risen in price quite well. The joy of a few green candles overshadowed the news that Robinhood restricts the doge trade

We have already written that the platform recently crashed, and for two hours it did not work. Is it a coincidence that at this very moment the price of Dogecoin has risen critically, and many users have not been able to earn.

Judging by numerous comments, this is not the first time that a mobile trading application restricts the trade of high-volatility assets. This was the case after the GameStop situation.

However, Robinhood denies the charges. Representatives of the platform recommend users to monitor the technical condition of the exchange on a special page.



At the time of writing, DOGE is trading at $0.31. The daily increase was 8.50%, the increase for the week was 344%. The chart shows new growth, and so far there are no signs of slowing down. The goal of 1 dollar is close!

You can see the price and start buying and selling DOGE on the Kraken exchange.

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